Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, I guess I should write a little update about things going on with Brady and I. We are both doing Spring courses. I'm just doing Spanish and working. Spanish is going really well. I'm enjoying it, although I have class at 8 every day which I'm not enjoying too much. This weekend Brady and I are going camping at Hope Campground, just outside of Provo. We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary! It will officially be next Monday, June 1st, but we decided to go camping the weekend before. This weekend we haven't been doing too much. I put together the dresser we got for Brady from IKEA on Saturday so now he can use the dresser instead of the suitcase! We also tried eating at Chadders, the new burger place by Gold's Gym in Provo. It is supposed to be like In N Out, but I don't think it quite makes it. But, nothing can be as good as In N Out. Well, I guess that sums up what's been going on recently. I'll update after our camping trip with photos so look foward to that!