Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 Days Overdue

Yes, I am still pregnant, for those of you wondering. I went in to the doc on Monday and he said that I was finally dilated to a 1 and he tried, somewhat successfully, to strip the membranes so as to help labor along. I think I have had some contractions, finally, since then but they are sporadic at best. We'll go in for a non-stress test on Friday to make sure the baby is doing alright and then we'll have our regular appointment on Monday if nothing has happened by then, which I'm not optimistic it will. At that point he just said they'd try to do some encouraging things to my cervix. On the bright side, he said there are no health problems going on, which is why we didn't set an induction date I think, so we're just kind of waiting for her to decide it's time to come. The only thing wrong is that I'm not dilating. But, after weeks of nothing, it's a good sign that something is happening, even if it is small. I never know if this is too much information to put on a blog but I'm doing it anyway, so whatever. My blood pressure was way down too, almost back to normal. I think my body has forgotten it's pregnant. And no, I'm not really in that great of a mood because I'm still pregnant. Everyone I know that was due in September has had their babies, all of them weeks early. Except me. So, anyway, I guess we know that my little girl is stubborn and has a mind of her own and will not come out for anyone. Not even for mom who cries daily at her plight. I'll update again on Monday, as I will no doubt still be carrying this little girl inside me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

39 Week Appointment

Absolutely nothing to update. Still not dilated to even 1. Blood pressure is holding. So hopefully we'll see some action soon! Sometime this week, I hope. If not, we go back in on Monday and the doc said we'd probably induce about a week after my due date. Hopefully that means Friday and not Monday. Brady wants to have the baby on a weekend so he doesn't have to miss too much class, if any. So, if everyone could please pray that the baby decides to come this week that would be great. I have been having anxiety attacks from my nervousness about having the baby and not knowing when she'll come. Because of said anxiety attacks, and the middle of the night hunger that hits so badly that I'm nauseous, I've been up since 4:30 this morning! Lovely. I'm not even tired yet. I'm wide awake and feeling kind of crazy. Anyway, that's all. Boring, I know, but how do you think I feel? And poor baby is getting so big; I feel like she doesn't have any room in my short torso to move anymore! But I suppose if she doesn't like it she can decide to come out anytime.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

38 weeks 2 days

Had my doctor's appointment today. Still only dilated to .5 (like I have been for the past 3 weeks). But Lily is growing like crazy still. She moves non-stop and it feels like she is trying to bust out. Yet I haven't had any contractions and I feel very far away from giving birth. My blood pressure is up a little more but still under the danger zone of 140/90. So, I have a feeling she'll either be right on time or late. No such luck for a week early. Which will be sad for my Aunt who is getting married on the 17th and my brother in law who is getting married on the 18th. Oh well. I doubt we would have gone anyway. I wouldn't want the baby around so many people right away. But this waiting game is hard! I just wish I had a strict date. A due date is pretty much worthless. And I want to hold my little girl. The doctor said she was a good size. I'm really hoping she doesn't get to 10 lbs like Chloe, but every day she's in there she's getting bigger and bigger! Well, we'll see. My mom didn't really have anything happening before she went into labor with us. When she went into labor the baby came within 7 hours. So maybe I'll get lucky and be like her! But it's probably too much to hope for. Anyway, another update next Monday after my 39 week appointment.