Friday, April 29, 2011

New Book Blog

I started a new blog about books I read and what I think of them. If nothing else it could just be used for seeing books you might want to try. The blog is here. Happy Reading!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wings Series

I love this series by Aprilynne Pike. The first two books are Wings and Spells and the third book Illusions is coming out May 3rd! Here's a trailer for it, although there are SPOILERS in it so if you haven't read the first two you may not want to watch this yet!

New Car

We are getting a new (well new to us) car! We are thinking that a van is the best choice for us. We want more room and just think it's a good investment. I resisted the idea of a "mini-van" because I just never wanted to drive one but I think it's inevitable. Any drive a mini-van and want to reassure me how great they are?

7 months

Lily will be 7 months in 2 days. I can't believe it! She is so cute! She's a challenging little girl sometimes but she is still awesome. I think she weighs about the same as at 6 months (I weighed her on the scale with me so not highly accurate). She is so chunky, I love it. She still stinks at sleeping, but we're getting better. She sleeps on her tummy now, which is so cute! The last couple of nights she even slept with her bum in the air with her legs tucked under her.

She is eating solids now pretty regularly. She likes pretty much everything I give her except rice cereal. She doesn't love oatmeal either but she will eat it if I mix it with apple juice. Anyway, I'm glad she's liking eating now.

We're going to start a swim class this week. I'm pretty excited to see how she likes the water. Since we're going on lots of family vacations this year that will involve water I thought it'd be a good idea to get her used to it. I got her a little swimsuit to wear for her lessons:

We've been able to go back to church full time now! Yay! Except for the days when she is fussy and won't calm down whatever we do. Here's a pic of us on our first day back:

Anyway, that's life right now. Brady is done with his semester so yay for that! And I'm starting to get excited for the many family trips we'll be going on this summer!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

6 months!

It's about a week late but my little baby is 6 months old! I can't believe how quickly she is growing up.
-She has 2 bottom teeth now. She's been more fussy lately so I'm wondering if she's getting her two top teeth, or at least having the preliminary pains. It took her a full month of "teething" until the tooth actually broke the skin and then after that it took even longer for them to actually show themselves fully.
-Her hair is really coming in on the top. SO cute! I can't wait until it's long enough I can put it into little pigtails on her head.
-She's 20 lbs 8 oz 28.5 in long. Healthy girl!
-We've started giving her rice cereal once a day. She isn't sure about it. She won't eat much of it but has started swallowing it at least.
-I've also started pumping so I can give her some breastmilk in a cup so she gets used to using one. We are lucky enough to have skipped the bottle and gone straight to the cup.
-We've decided to "sleep train." I am really not liking it but I know she really does need it. She's a terrible sleeper because she's dependent on us to get her to sleep, either me nursing her or Brady rocking her. Tonight is the first night and she cried for 45 minutes and was asleep but her leg was lodged in the crib bars so Brady went in to let it out and she woke up. Now she's been crying for almost another 30 mins but will be asleep shortly, I think. This SUCKS but hopefully it will be worth it! The doc said we should do it and Brady really wants to so I'm giving it a shot.
-She laughs and giggles so much! I love it. She really recognizes me and Brady now.
-She LOVES to walk outside. We've taken her on walks on every good day of weather here and she loves it.
-She won't stop rolling over! She travels all over the floor and ends up facing totally different directions with her rolling. She wants to crawl so badly, I can tell.
-She won't sit up by herself yet. She doesn't stop lunging forward so it keeps her off balance. But maybe she'll skip sitting up and go straight to crawling? We'll see!

Anyway, that's all I can think of now with what she's been doing. My birthday was on Thursday. That was a fun time. Brady took the whole day off, minus one class period, and we just spent the day together as a family. That's all for now!