Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sweet Money

So we sold our weird, ugly couch. We got it for free from Brady's friends and the couch cover we bought with wedding gift cards so we made a sweet $150 profit. Awesome. But now we have no where to sit in our living room except my sister's desk chair she left with us and our own IKEA desk chair. It's quite uncomfortable but we are moving in 3 days so no worries. On another note, I have been truly obsessed with the Titanic lately and her tragic story. Not the movie with Leo in it, but the actual historical incident. It was so horrendous and unimaginable that I can't even comprehend what it would have been like to go from feeling so privileged to be on the greatest ship ever built's maiden voyage to realizing that she was sinking and you had to leave behind your husband or sink with the ship. It's probably morbid and maybe something is wrong with me, but I can't get enough of her history. It creeps the heck out of me, but it's so fascinating. As long as I can remember I've never, ever wanted to go on a cruise because of the legendary Titanic and that was before I knew so much about it. Now I definitely never want to go on a cruise. Anyway, that's it for tonight.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Raise Your Hand if You Bathed in Cologne.

So, today was my last or maybe second to last time in my ward. Sad, I'll have to be moving on to a new ward and answer those same, over-asked questions. What's your major? What's your husband studying? How long have you been married? Where are you from? Where are you living? As if anyone besides real friends ever remember that kind of stuff. Oh well, I'll live. But one thing I will say is that I have a guilty conscience. A couple sat in front of Brady and I today and his cologne was really strong and I whispered to Brady "Raise your hand if you bathed in cologne" and the next thing I know the guy gets up and leaves for a few minutes and when he comes back I can't smell his cologne at all. Apparently he heard me and washed it off! I felt kinda bad, but at least I didn't get a headache from smelling it all sacrament meeting. Anyway, maybe that'll give you a chuckle, whoever might be reading this. I guess I'll go continue my sentence of having to pack everything in my house because of a certain someone's incompetence at renting causing Brady and I to find shelter elsewhere. Good day to you all. Cheers.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday in the Hood

Brady and I went to eat Indian food at Tandoori Grill this afternoon and it was disappointing. Brady was really hoping for good things, but he didn't like it. But oh well. Then we went to see Kung Fu Panda. Pretty funny, I'd say. I love Jack Black. Then we've just been packing all day. Moving isn't fun, but I have all my clothes ready to go, and my shoes, so that's awesome. And I'm doing the kitchen tonight. Tomorrow is the last day in my present ward. It will be sad, I think, especially for Brady since he loves some of the people there. I will be sad that I'm not in Nat's ward anymore, but that just means she needs to move into our new ward with us. Hint Hint, Nat. Anyway, I'm watching She's the Man right now. This is such a hilarious movie. Seriously. I guess that's it. I don't have anything much to say. Dinner time!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dreams and Bathrooms

Well, is it just me or is it totally creepy when people sit on the couches or chairs in the girls bathroom and just read? Half the time I go in there there is someone reading in there. There is no lack of quiet places to read in the library, especially where you aren't interrupted with the sounds of bathroom and toilets flushing. It's just weird. And totally creepy. Anyway, I was dreaming like a mad woman last night. I dreamt about spiders running across the floor and then jumping up and over people. As if it isn't scary enough with all those legs and that they can climb walls, they have to also jump 10 feet in the air. CREEPY. Then I dreamt my sisters, Brady and I went to visit my old high school friend Nikki in New York (she doesn't live in NY). We road a rickety elevator up to the 120th floor, where she lived, and there was a party and a book signing going on. It was Stephenie Meyer, and so my sisters, Brady, and I all got books signed by her. It was awesome. Then I dreamt about my friend Kate and her family, but I remember less about them. I think we might have been camping... Anyway, weird night, and every time I woke up during the night I felt spiders crawling on me. I really am starting to think I have severe Arachnophobia. It is the worst.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Apartment!!

So Brady and I finally found a great place. Luckily we have signed the contact with about 9 days to spare, so it's not like that year where we had about 3 days left until we were homeless. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, newly remodeled, and it's beautiful! Wood floors in the living room, tile in the kitchen and carpet in the bedrooms. It's going to be so great. And the landlords are twins in their 60s most likely! So great. Anyway, we are so excited to move in. I certainly can't wait. The 29th is the day. Let's hope this works out well!!

I can't take the boredom!

It's just too much. Here at work it is VERY slow, excruciatingly slow. I often wonder what I could get done if every time it was slow at work I could go home. Would I read twice as many books? Would I clean the house twice as often? Or would I simply get in some good lounging time? I would most definitely watch more Gilmore Girls. I could have the apartment packed in no time at all. Perhaps I could learn to speak French and Spanish. Or figure out how to make a chocolate sufle. I could work out a ton, and get really big muscles. I could adopt a kitty and have time to take care of her. Or maybe I could write a book. By now, if I had been able to go home ever boring day at work, I could probably have written at least 2 books, maybe more. Perhaps I would already be a celebrity and making millions of dollars. But, I suppose we'll never know what could have become of all the long, slow, boring hours that I've spent at work.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Busy

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks! To say the least. Brady and I went on vacation to Carpenteria, CA with my family. It was a great trip, lots of relaxing on the beach and boogie boarding. Although, we did have to end our trip a day early because we found out that my grandfather had passed away. I wasn't too upset when I heard the news because he had been really sick for a long time so it wasn't unexpected. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for the grief I experienced at the funeral an burial. I'm going to miss him. We did have a good visit with my grandma after that. I think she'll be ok, although I'm not sure if she realizes just how alone she is going to be now. She's strong, though. She'll be fine.
On a more annoying, but sort of exciting, note, our landlords decided to raise our rent, claiming that they had others who would pay even more for the place, and that raising the rent $55 was really a great deal for us. LAME. And you know what? No one is renting the house for more than that. He totally lied to us. So stupid. But since we've had a horrible experience here, we are glad to be moving on and are excited to move into our new place. The landlords are a pair of twins, the brother doing all the handy work, and the sister handling the finances. It is all newly remodeled too, so it's really nice. And it's not a basement, which makes me love it!! Awesome. Anyway, so we are packing up a storm and trying to get ready for the move. Only about 10 days now and we'll be in our new place. Anyway, that's about it.