Sunday, October 4, 2009

Health Issues

So, many of you who read my blog, which I'm pretty sure consists of my husband and three college roommates, know that I am sick quite a bit. I've had troubles for a couple years now with my health. Pretty much a constant upset stomach. Well, I finally went to the doctor and she told me it is either an ulcer or something wrong with my gall bladder. I've been taking some anti-acid stuff every morning 30 minutes before I eat breakfast and it actually has been helping me feel good throughout the day. So, I'm thinking it's an ulcer and I'll be going back in this week for a follow-up and will be put on a combo of 3 antibiotics so that it'll clear it up for good (hopefully). So I'm feeling much better and on my way to feeling all the way better! Unfortunately for me, usually on an ulcer people lose weight, but I am of course the exception and have gained some weight, which is really annoying since I haven't done anything to gain weight, so hopefully also I can lose some weight and get back down to a normal size. Especially since Brady and I are going to try getting pregnant pretty soon!