Sunday, June 16, 2013

A June Update

Well, Violet will be six weeks old tomorrow!  The time has absolutely flown by and we could not be more happy with our new addition.  She eats great, she sleeps pretty good, especially for a newborn, and is just loving life.  She is starting to be more awake everyday, which Lily is loving.  Lily is always really excited with Violet wakes up and says "Baby sister's awake!!" because she wants to play with her.  We do have to watch Lily closely with her because the few times we left them alone together in a room, Lily has picked Violet up.  She has only dropped her once and from a very low angle but I guess I will need to take one, or both, of the girls to the bathroom from me until Lily is better able to hold her sister (because I doubt she'll just stop trying anytime soon).

Like I mentioned above, Violet will sleep pretty good stretches during the night which means we are not as sleep deprived as we could be!  Lily is probably the hardest to deal with so far.  She still gets a ton of attention from us but because there is someone else sharing the attention she acts up a little more to make sure we aren't forgetting she's there - like that could ever happen.  But some of that is probably due to her age.  Hopefully she can grow out of the toddler attitude soon!  I'm practicing, and reading books about, my good parenting techniques because some days I just don't feel like I can be a good mother to her!  But I love her so we'll keep figuring it out as we go.

Not much has been happening since my parents left a few weeks ago.  Just getting through each day.  Tomorrow we start swim lessons for Lily for two weeks.  That'll be fun, I think!  Although getting into a swim suit 6 weeks after having a baby isn't ideal, it's worth it because I know she'll have a ton of fun.  More updates to come on here later in the summer.  We're going on a few big trips - one to northern VA for a Redfearn Family Reunion and then about a month out to California for my baby sister Wendy's wedding.  I think we'll also be driving out to Utah during that trip so I look forward to walking around BYU again and showing it to Lily (because I'm sure she doesn't remember living there for a year and a half before we moved).  I think I'll have to get both Lily and Violet some BYU gear.  This Hokie stuff just isn't cutting it!

Here's the pictures we did for Brady for Father's Day:

I love my cuties!!