Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camping and general hoopla

So for this three day weekend Brady and I went camping! We went to a campground called Iron Mine (which reminds me of Transformers. Just imagine Optimus saying it). Anyway, it rained for a couple hours when we first got there so we sat in the back of the car, with the seats down, and watched a movie on the laptop. That only lasted for about an hour but by then the rain had stopped so we set up camp. Then we decided to go on a walk around the campground and we found a marked trail that we started to climb but it was getting dark so we just headed back down. We didn't get a campfire that night since our lighter was really low on fluid and Brady's matches aren't "strike anywhere" matches. Plus all the wood was wet from the rain.
But the next day, Sunday, it was nice and sunny. We got an early start and hiked up until there were no more markers in the woods. It wasn't a normal hike. It was more like if you were a character in Lord of the Rings, or some other such fantasy novel, and you were just traveling through a heavily wooded area. So it was actually pretty cool. Although, the higher up we got, the rockier it became so we were doing some serious rock climbing - minus the ropes. Anyway, we ate lunch up on top of one of the rocks and it was awesome. Later that night, we finally got the campfire going and ate some delicious s'mores. Anyway, it was all in all a great trip and I'm sad that camping season is pretty much over!
School has begun. I am in my last year at BYU. It's sad but at the same time I'm excited to be a college graduate - the first in my immediate family, by the way. I'm in a lot of great classes, doing a lot of reading. I'm working at the HBLL still, and hopefully will be getting a second job at the Provo Library in a week or two.
Brady and I are trying to make plans to do a Europe trip this summer. We are wanting to do it before we have kids because it'll be easier to move around quickly and go where the wind blows us. Hence the need for me to get a second job so as to fund the trip! It's all pretty exciting and I will try to keep updates on here more frequently than in the past. Until next time.