Friday, July 8, 2011

Lily 9 months

Well, Lily's 9 month stats are as follow:

Weight: 21 lbs 4 oz (85.6%)
Length: 31 in (99.93%)

They had to stick her toe to get a blood sample to check her iron, which was fine, and she didn't even flinch. No reaction whatsoever. But, my baby is a stud so it's not surprising. The nurse we saw was horrified by her sleeping habits and told us that the pediatrician does the cry it out method and so we decided to really buckle down and give it one more shot. We've had do it three times now and so far it's been working ok. It's supposed to work within 3 days (usually) and it's been 8 days now. Tonight is the first night she only cried for a second and then was asleep. Every other night it's been at least 20-30 minutes. Only two nights she cried for like an hour and a half and it was dreadful. One of those nights I left because I couldn't be in the house with her crying. But after she falls asleep (usually by 9:30 or 10) she sleeps for at least 8 hours, wakes up to eat, then goes back for 2 or 3. We are going to see the actual pediatrician Monday because we felt like it wasn't quite working all the way if she was still crying for so long but maybe tonight is a sign that she'll stop crying so much. Doubtful, but we'll see. ]

She has learned to pull up to stand so she's doing that like crazy on everything, even just my legs! And she is crawling. Actual knee-hand crawling. She's so cute. And we tried baby food meat again tonight (turkey) and she actually ate half a jar (almost).

Kate's Wedding

Well I went to California a few weeks ago to go camping with my family and to be in my childhood best friend Kate's wedding! It was an awesome trip. The wedding was beautiful and I'm so glad I could be a part of it. I don't have much time but here are a couple of pictures of the wedding:
On the dance floor

With Lyss

The four of us (friends since Jr. High)

I'll try to update more later.