Thursday, December 1, 2011

We've Got a Climber on Our Hands!!

Lily has recently acquired the skill to climb things.  And she couldn't be prouder!  Even if it is a lid to a plastic tub, she stands on it as if she couldn't be cooler.  Unfortunately, she also likes to get on higher things too.  Here are some photos of what she has climbed up lately:

A cart at IKEA (She was treated to a trip around the store which ended in her just rolling off onto the ground...)

The ladder - She's very helpful.

She got on top of this empty box and then fell into it.

She loves to get on her strollers and "ride" them like a chariot. 

The wagon she got for her birthday.  She gets in it and then rocks back and forth to move it.  So dangerous. Luckily she's never fallen off.

This is a little blurry but she loves to get up on the couch now.  She'll run from one end to the other.

Her high chair - minus the tray.

And finally, with a little help from her older cousins, she was able to climb onto Grandma and Grandpa Duitsman's chair.

So far she hasn't really hurt herself - she is one tough cookie.  I just hope she learns how to get off of things once she's up there instead of just walking off the edge, or rolling off.