Sunday, March 24, 2013

33 Weeks and Potty Training

So I'm 33 weeks and 1 day, about.  Here's what I'm looking like these days:
Lily wanted to show her belly off too.
As you can imagine, I am having trouble moving around and am having some braxton hicks contractions, I think.  I've never had them before so I'm not sure what they feel like but I've been having lots of belly pain.  I am HUGE as you can tell.  I look 9 months pregnant already.  But, enough about me.

We have been trying to tackle the infamous potty training.  I'm not sure why this is such a hard thing and yet every kid must learn how to do it eventually.  Lily did great for a few hours, she went on the potty the two times I took her early on, both 1 and 2, but then when I would take her later she wouldn't go 1 and then 20 minutes later she would go in her pants.  We'll just have to keep at it.  I think she's ready, she just has to decide she is.  She likes wearing big girl underwear so hopefully that'll motivate her.  She did go number 2 twice in the toilet so I didn't have to change a poopy diaper today!  Yay!  That might be worth cleaning up a few number 1 accidents during the day.  I'm trying to do this before the baby comes - we'll see if that happens.  I'm just not too keen on having to change two children's diapers at once.  If anyone has any suggestions for potty training a kid when nothing usual works (sticker charts, treats, shopping for underwear, etc.) I'm up for hearing it!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

32 Weeks 4 Days

I'm almost to the 33 week point in this pregnancy.  I feel like she is getting huge and kicking the heck out of me all the time. I'm also starting to get stretching pains (that I got with Lily) and other pains (that I did NOT have with Lily) so I'm pretty uncomfortable all the time.  I kind of want her to come but also want her to wait so we don't have any problems with her health.  I know it'll be easier to just be uncomfortable than to have a new baby but I still wish she was here already or that the time would go more quickly!  Granted, the next two months will certainly FLY by but it only appears that way from some future point in time so for now, I'll wish it was May!  I do have my birthday coming up in a little over a week.  That'll be fun - it's also Easter so Lily will love that.  I got her some great things for her Easter basket.

As for my Master's Degree - I have a capstone class, which is what I'm doing instead of a thesis, that ends on April 15th.  So that'll be over soon and a big weight off of my if I can get my advisor to pass off everything.  I still have two classes to finish before that but those won't be hard and I'll be ready to have the baby!  Plus, the final assignments in each class revolve around research papers which will not be hard to do so if I can finish early and have my assignments ready to turn in on their due dates I'll be all set and stress-free.  Minus the stress of adding another little baby to our family.  Still unsure of names - I think we'll wait until we see her to decide.  My gestational diabetes is well in hand - my numbers are way below the limit of what they can be (which makes me wonder if I have it at all) - and my belly is measuring a little bit big but not big enough that they are worrying yet.  We'll see what my doc says the closer we get!  I seriously think we need to invent a way to see into the future and give pregnant women a date that actually means something.  Due dates are so arbitrary.  I'd love to know the date I'm ACTUALLY going to have her.  Whether it's late or early, I don't care.  I just want to know!  Just one more thing a pregnant woman has to worry about.  Because even when you try not to worry about it and realize she'll come when she's ready, you still worry about it.  Not much else going on.  Just trying to make days fun for Lily when all I do is feel like sleeping - and, in reality, she won't even remember this time in her life but she remembers it now, at least for a little bit, and I don't want her remembering her mommy in a ton of pain from little sister.  The most recent pregger pic:

I think I was just under 31 weeks.  I thought I was huge but when I look back at Lily pregnancy pics I look about the same, except carrying way lower, which I already knew because of the pain.  Current pregnancy is the blue shirt.