Monday, June 29, 2009

Annoyances and Updates

Well, the plan to take Spanish during the Summer term is done with. I have the beach trip coming up in August with my family, that we've been planning for months - the only time I'll get to see my whole famil this summer, I might add. Turns out that there was to be a test during the week I am going to be at the beach. I figured I'd just be able to take it early. But no. My ex-Spanish teacher decides he won't let anyone take tests early or late. So I dropped the class this morning and now I'll be focusing on doing my independent study course, which focuses on Christian fantasy (Tolkein and Lewis). Awesome, I know. Anyway, that's that I suppose. Now I'll have to take one more course next Spring term, but it will at least allow me to work all summer on campus before I'm officially graduated.
We've decided to go to St. George over 4th of July weekend to visit my grandparents. We're pretty excited about getting out of Provo for a weekend! We've been trying to go camping but the weather keeps not cooperating. It's sad. But we did get a bike hitch for our car and now we can take our bikes camping and to the beach! We are very excited.
In book news, I've been reading like a fiend. I finished up two books this weekend, one of them being The Warrior Heir the first in a triology by Cinda Williams Chima. It was fantastic! I loved it.
I went to the eye doctor last week and got a higher prescription. I used contacts for the 6 days it took for my new glasses to arrive and I liked them, they were just really uncomfortable! And they got worse each day I wore them. Regular contact wearers: does this get any better? Anyway, now I have my glasses and can see so much better! I had been wearing glasses with a prescription of -1 and now my glasses are -2 in the right eye and -3 in the left! That's about it for now. Congratulations if you got through it all!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Warbreaker Release

So Brady and I went to Brandon Sanderson's book signing for the release of his new book Warbreaker. We waited in line for a while so I could get my book personalized. Here's a picture of us with Brandon and his friend Dan, who writes thriller books.
His books are awesome. He is also doing the final Wheel of Time books (or, really, one book split into three). He has written Elantris, the Mistborn trilogy, and Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians. If you want a good, fun read, any of these titles will be great for you. Although, as a warning, they are all fantasy novels so if you're not into fantasy, you might not like them. Anyway, fun night! And here's my signed book.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camp Trip

Well, the camp trip was a success! There were some minor problems but it was fun overall. We drove up first and instead of going right to the camp site we went up to this lookout point. There were a bunch of guys about to go para-gliding. It was so awesome! It made me want to try it.
Brady was practically salivating and jumping up and down wanting to go. So we sat and watched them for a while then went to the camp site. Setting up camp took no time at all. For dinner we made quesadillas on the camp stove and had chips and salsa. It was great. Here are some pictures from the trip.