Monday, June 6, 2011


All my life I've wanted to love running. But try as I might, running and I have never gotten along. I find it tedious and I it never came easily to me so I have always felt like I'll never be a runner. But I was inspired by my sister-in-law Alyssa who runs all the time. She's in good shape, but she's not a super skinny girl like one pictures when thinking of a runner. So tonight I went on my first run since becoming pregnant (almost a year and a half ago). It wasn't as hard as I was thinking it would be! Maybe it's because I walk all the time or because of my P90X conditioning but I ran 2 miles without really trying too hard. Sure I was running about as fast as a herd of turtles, but still! And I know 2 miles in the running world isn't much but for the first run of a non-runner, I'm pretty pleased. Now whether or not I'll be super sore tomorrow remains to be seen. But I am determined to call myself a runner, one way or another (rhyme not intended, but inevitable). Let the words of encouragement in the comments begin!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

4 years!

On June 1st Brady and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary! Since we've been married, we've both graduated from BYU, we've lived in 3 different apartments (all in Provo), we've taken trips to California, Virginia, and Texas, we've seen two siblings get married in the temple, we've had one baby girl, and we've sent one sibling off on a mission. Of course the list is much longer but I can't think of anything else right now!

To celebrate our anniversary we went to the Chef's Table. I think it's the only fancy restaurant in the Provo/Orem area. You have to wear "business casual" so we dressed up a little for it. It was soo good! We got wild mushrooms and crab cakes for appetizers. Then they gave us a "pallet cleanser" and rolls. Then came the entrée. I had the salmon with red potatoes and leeks (prepared 2 ways) and Brady had the prosciutto stuffed chicken. Delicious! Then we got a creme brulee to share at the end. Wendy babysat for us so we were able to just spend some time together. It was a great day!


Well, we attempted to go camping for Memorial Day Weekend. Brady's brother Kyle and his wife Alyssa came down to go with us. We wanted to see how Lily would do since we'll be going on a week long camping trip with my family in a couple weeks. Well, Lily did fine, considering she had no room to roll around in (pretty much what she does all day long). However, I was miserable! It was freezing cold. It rained during the evening and night. We had to sit in the van for the first night and eat dinner there. Then it was so cold in the tent I could barely sleep. Lily was in our bed with us because when we tried to lay her in her bed her hands got ice cold. So a squirmy little 8 month old didn't help the sleeping situation. Anyway, I chalk it up to a fail as far as pleasurable camping trips go, but as far as whether or not Lily can handle camping for several days? I think she can do it! Here are some pics from the weekend:
Snuggling with Daddy

She was still tired after the worst night's sleep ever.

Our campsite. Yes that river was soooo loud!

With Aunt Alyssa

She's pretty gangsta!

With Uncle Kyle

Eating our delicious omelets in a bag