Friday, February 11, 2011


My childhood best friend Kate is getting married on June 26th! AND she asked me to be a bridesmaid!!! I'm super excited. Let the getting in shape commence!

Sick Baby!

Well, Lily has been extra fussy the last few days and hasn't slept a wink (it seems). This morning she woke up with a stuffy/runny (still not sure how that happens) nose and was coughing a bit. She also had watery eyes. So we decided to call the doc just to tell them what has been happening and what they'd suggest. Well they told us to come in because they'd had 2 cases of RSV in their office just this week so they wanted to make sure she was ok. So we went in and the checked her out. It was good news! It's only a cold, but they did tell us to watch out and see if it gets any worse. I feel so bad for her! She can't blow her own nose and is just unhappy. The doc said that nursing is the best medicine so I have been nursing her whenever she seems like she wants to. Plus since she's sick she could use more fluids.

So, we will have to either sleep with her in our arms or put her in the swing because when we've tried to put her in the crib she wakes right up because she can't breathe. Also, I'm not sure what they do when they swab a child's nose but I can tell you one thing. Lily HATED it. She cried harder than I've probably ever seen her cry afterwards. I finally had to nurse her for a few minutes in the doc's office to get her to calm down enough that we could get her dressed and race her home. So cross your fingers that Lily stays healthy and won't get any worse.

Oh, and we are once again on house arrest. The doc also said that we should try to keep her home and definitely not go to church with her for the next couple of months until RSV season has passed (after March I believe). So hopefully Brady and I can take turns going to church while the other one takes care of the baby.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Letting a baby "cry it out"? Is this really what all these parents are doing to help their babies sleep at night? We did it for 10 minutes two nights ago and I never want to do it again. Plus, she didn't seem calmed at all, she just seemed more hysterical. I guess I need to do it for a bit longer but she still needs to be swaddled to fall asleep. So if she can't find her hands to soothe herself I'm not sure it can work. But she does get out of her swaddle often so maybe she'd do it if I left her there long enough but I seriously can't take hearing her cry. It breaks my heart. I might just have to deal with her terrible sleeping because I'm not sure I can let her cry alone in that dark room for very long. :(

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loathsome Vehicle

Well, I despise my car. I've had the pathfinder for about 6 years now and it's been an ok car. It's worked pretty well but also has had it's problems. One of the problems that is especially annoying is the locks. The locks pretty much do what they want. They are automatic but something is really wrong with the electrical circuit. When you close one of the front doors it will usually cause all of the other locks to lock. So this is annoying when I close my door and then go to the back to open Lily's and it will be locked. Until tonight it has been annoying but not really anything I couldn't overlook. Well, here's what happened tonight.

I was going on some errands with my mom and Lily and we got back to my Aunt's house where my car was and it was freezing cold outside. I decide to turn the car on so that it will be warm for Lily when we get in and I leave the door open so that it won't close and lock me out. Well, I run inside and then come out and the door is shut. And locked. So there I am with my car door locked and the car is running with no way of getting inside. Well, my mom drives me back to the house to get Brady's keys so we can get into the car and drive it home. Needless to say I wanted to put a rock on the car's accelerator and let it go off a cliff. But I got the car home and it was running for only about 30 minutes before I could get back into it. Alls well that ends well, I suppose. But man I loathe that car!