Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fweaking Conclusions

Some things Lily has said the last couple of days:

Violet kept crying in the car so I was imitating her and Lily said "Mom, you're not a baby.  You're a big girl!  Stop doing that, you're freaking me out!"  Only she says it like "fweaking" and it is adorable!

Yesterday, she was drawing on her white board.  She's been getting better and better, even after only a few days.  She can draw a recognizable person now, still weird looking, but recognizable.  And she loves to draw circles and spirals.  Anyway, she would draw something on her white board and then point to it with the marker and be like "Mom, what conclusions can be make from this?"  or "What do you think about these conclusions, Mom?"  I believe she got that word from Phineas and Ferb and it was hilarious hearing her using it over and over.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things Lily Says

So while skyping with my sister today, she reminded me that I should really write down what Lily says and does because she is one of a kind!  So much sassiness and smartness rolled into one three year old should not be possible.  I'm going to try to remember some fun things from the past few weeks and then hopefully update more so I can get things written down - even if no one reads them but me later on.  Some might be repeats from Facebook but I want to keep them all together.


Lily telling me about Daddy working in the kitchen:

(With pointer finger pointed) Don't go in there mommy.  Daddy is working!  So we can bother him right now, ok?  I'm in charge.  (then she stomped off).

When I was annoyed with her for doing something (can't remember what): Calm down, mommy.  Just relax (in a soothing voice) it'll be ok.

She likes to say "nice and easy" about things a lot.  Like if she's putting something together she'll say "this'll go together nice and easy."

Walking into my room before our Christmas trip:

Lily: Mom are we taking those socks with us?
Me: What socks?
Lily: The socks, mama.
Me (realizing she means the stockings): Yes, we're taking the socks.
Lily: They're called stockings, mom.  - Totally set me up!

I took her to see her first movie in the theater: Frozen.  She did awesome and one little girl came and sat by her for half of the movie and shared candy with her.  So cute!

She loves to give me hugs and kisses for "being a good girl" because I took her places - like if I've taken her to Romp n Roll or to a store she likes that has toys to play with, etc.

She does a power stance before running which is her feet spread out and one of her arms straight out in a fist with the other one on her hip and then she runs as fast as she can.

She loves to watch the kindle in the dark bathroom with no windows or lights on. Her favorite stuffed animal is my pink bunny that my friend Kate gave me when I was little.  This interchanges with a big bear we bought her at IKEA on Black Friday this year.  But it's mostly bunny and has been for a few months.  She loves to run and makes me run to and from the car when we go to the store.  Loves to be in the spotlight.

That's all I can think of right now.  I'll update as the sassiness continues or as I remember past things she's said.  I'll have to wait until Brady is up from his nap which he is taking with Lily.

Tidbits about Violet:  She is eating everything she can get her hands on.  She takes it as a personal insult if I do not share everything I eat with her.  She sleeps through the night - mostly - loves to play with Lily and Mommy.  Giggles a lot and smiles a ton.  Chews on everything!  Is so close to crawling, she can do a knee or hand at a time.  Has 6 teeth with two more coming in soon!  And about the same amount of hair that she had when she was born!  But we love her perfect, bald little head!