Monday, April 29, 2013

Who wants to have a baby?

So I'm 38 weeks and 2 days today and I had my weekly doctor's appointment.  Because of my GD, the doctor said he didn't want me going past my due date simply because GD means bigger babies which means higher chance of c-section.  So today we talked about when we might induce and his options were Monday May 6th or Thursday May 9th.  I originally said the 9th, since Brady doesn't have class on Thursdays but, after talking with Brady, we decided that we would do it Monday.  Next week is Virginia Tech's last week of class and finals start on Saturday.  So Brady has some review classes he has to go to Wednesday and then his two finals are on Saturday, the 11th (my due date).  We figured it might be better to have her on Monday so that we're home and he can get some studying done for his finals by Saturday.  So, in a week's time we will have a baby!

It still has not hit me at all.  She'll be early but only by about 5 days and it still seems so far away.  And for those of you interested, and know what these numbers mean, I was checked today and I was 3cm dilated, 50% effaced but my cervix is still high - meaning baby hasn't "dropped" yet.  So things are already looking better than they were for Lily's induction (I was barely 2cm a week overdue with her).  I think I'm going to try and be a lot more active and moving around to see if I can get her to come on her own but, if not, we'll still have a baby in a week!  Here's a new picture.  I don't look much different from the one two weeks ago.

Oh, and in case you're curious, we have decided on Violet Jane as her name.  We can't wait to bring her home!

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adam.katie521 said...

What a cute name!!!! I hope everything goes smoothly when you get induced! Good luck!